Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair with Reviews

Hair dryers are those prominently used handheld electrical devices that are used to dry and style hair. The basic fundamental of operation of a hair dryer is that an electric fan is used to blow air through a hot coil that warms the blowing air. When this air reaches the wet hair, it helps evaporate water, thereby drying the hair strands. This is a basic hair dryer concept, but these are used with a number of brushes and combs for different hair styling. What should be the best hair dryer for fine hair?

The concept of how a typical hair dryer operates might remain same, but its design and capabilities have evolved over the last few years since its inception in 1925. The first hand dryer made was only capable of producing 100 watts of heat, which was not sufficient for a faster hair drying. Gradually, the heating capacity was enhanced to 300 watts and then to 500 watts over the span of twenty to twenty five years. Also, the earlier models of the hair dryers were quite heavy to be held in hand as they were made of metals like zinc or steel that made the dryer weigh up to a kilo or so.

What is the right hair dryer for fine hair?

Fine hair is hair that is extremely thin and light in weight. Such kind of hair needs to be handled with extreme care as they are not as strong and nourished as thicker hair strands are. To use hair dryer on such kinds of hair, specific properties and conditions needs to be adhered to as follows:

Heat or temperature – fine hair is extremely light to bare its own weight and remain idle. That is why even slightly high temperatures could burn the hair or causes it to be frizzy. For drying fine hair, the heat level of the dryer should always be between low to medium level only.

Infra-red dryers – these dryers are extremely idle for fine hair as they do not dry hair by setting higher heat or temperature levels. These dryers dry the hair from inside out without dissipating excess heat energy on to the hair.

Ceramic dryers – heat is a crucial factor that decides the fate of fine hair while getting dried using electrical dryers. Ceramic dryers are naturally capable of dissipating heat in a uniform way which is best for thin hair.

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Best hair dryers in 2015 market

Remington AC2015 TStudio Ceramic Hair Dryer

Remington AC2015 T Hair Dryer

A very well-known company, especially amongst the beauty parlors and salon brings to you a powerful model boosted with 1875 watt ac motor for which it prides itself in declaring that it provides 40% more speed than the other similar dryers.

The motor is not just powerful but also has a long life enhanced by up to 3 times more than the other hair dryers.  It gives flexibility in terms of 2 levels of speed controls and 3 levels of heat setting controls which can be used to set the temperature and speed according the type and texture of hair.

This dryer has been developed by getting imbibed with the ceramic pearl technology that offers exactly the same smooth texture as obtained in the parlor. It also offers a concentrator and a diffuser along with the package.  This model of Remington dries hair with an amazing speed and protects the cuticle leaving only shiny and smooth hair.

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Babyliss Pro BABTT5585 Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

Babyliss Pro BABTT5585 Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Hair Dryer

If you are looking for a sleek and ultra-lite handheld hair dryer, then this is the right model for you. Though it is small, it is powered by a very powerful motor of 1900 watts. The design and structure of this dryer is so thoughtful that it is very comfortable while holding it even for a longer time.

It is equipped with an infrared heater that dries hair instantly without any efforts and always results in smooth and shiny hair, quite like you get it in parlors.

The air pressure and flow is placed at an optimum rate that dries hair immediately but does not affects the roots of the hair strand and its strength too.

The Babyliss dryers offer more options in terms of six different heating and speed control options that give us enhanced flexibility to adjust these settings to varied kinds of hair texture. This is an important feature as heat plays an important role while hair drying. For example, if the hair texture is already too dry, then drying it at higher temperatures could render them dry without any shine and smoothness.

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Rusk W8less Professional Lightweight Ceramic Hair Dryer

Rusk W8less Professional Lightweight Hair Dryer

Rusk brings about a powerful and efficient model of hair dryer with 2000 watt of motor along with an ion generator. The number of setting options available is one of its strongest points as it comes with 7 control settings for speed and heat separately.

It is an electric hair dryer and is tied to an 8 foot long chord that helps you move around instead of standing in one place while drying your hair. This feature is preferred in saloons and parlors mostly due the movement required.

The inside of this dryer consists of a ceramic grill which is infused with tourmaline through which the air is passed to be heated up. All sorts of standard features are available in his model and the motor is powerful and durable enough to be used for commercial as well as personal usages. It also includes one concentrator nozzle as part of the same package, which again is good for regular usage like in parlors.

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Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

Conair’s hair dryers are extremely famous for their comfortable grip and resulting options of creative ways of styling hair. Soft Touch Tourmaline Ceramic ionic styling system of this model is entirely a unique technology for extremely shiny, smooth and organized strands of hair for which creative styling becomes quite easy.

The Soft Touch Tourmaline Ceramic ionic styling system avoids all the resulting frizzy hair leaving all the strands smooth and shiny without sticking to each other. It is capable of reducing frizzy hair by almost up to 75%. His technology emits natural ions so that there is no static charge in the hair and also reduces hot spots in the hair shafts.

The resulting hair strands with less frizzy look makes it appear healthy, dense and shiny. Though the motor inside it offers high level of torque to speed up the drying process, this soft ionic technology saves your hair from getting frizzy due to high speed and heat levels of the dryer. For creative and customized hair styles, this dryer comes with three different options for heat settings and 2 different options for speed control that offers you options to choose the desired level depending upon the kind of hair you are drying i.e. different textures and thickness of hair.

Along with all these features it includes two different attachments of a concentrator and a diffuser. Concentrator helps straighten every strand of hair and the diffuser helps spread heat uniformly inside the hair to bring out a dense and voluminous look of hair. It is also very easy to clean due to hinged filter with it and No-Slip Grip for comfortable styling enables comfortable grip while you hold and operate the dryer even for longer time without any strain on hand or slipping.

Revlon RV544PKF 1875W Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Dryer

Revlon RV544PKF 1875W Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Dryer

This hair dryer by Revlon is equipped with ion technology that generates natural ions for removing static charge in the hair and is powered by an 1875 Watts motor inside it. You could also do customized hair styles due to multiple heat and speed options. It consists of two different options for heat settings and speed settings separately.

There is a cold shot button which when pressed releases and locks in the cold air to hold a particular hair style together.

The Tourmaline Ionic Technology imbibed here ensures a smooth, shiny and frizz free hair reflecting a dense and smooth appearance. Along with diffuser and concentrator there are two other attachments of hinged endcap and anti-skid bumpers.  This particular hand dryer is extremely light and claims to be 25% lighter than the similar models available in the market today.

This dryer is extremely smooth and comfortable to use and offers noise free operations which ensures long usage without any noise hassle. It is extremely fit to be used for personal and commercial usages.

How to choose the best hair dryer for fine hair?

Choosing the right hair dryer is a crucial thing as it depends upon numerous diverse factors. Let’s start evaluating each one of them.

Type of heating – there are three main types of heating materials that come with these hair dryers that are plastic, metal or ceramics. For fine hair it is always advised to use the ceramic heating as metal and plastic ones gets heated up at high temperatures and are vulnerable to getting burnt and damaging the dryer permanently. In contrast, the ceramic based dryers do not get burnt even at high temperatures as they distribute the heat evenly on the hair.

Metals or plastic heating might not just burn the dryer but can also burn hair due to uneven distribution of heat.

best hair dryer for fine hair

Ionic dryers – not all the dryers are equipped with ionic capability in them. It is better to have ionic ones, because unlike other dryers they release negative ion which then traps the moisture molecules in them and removes all frizz from hair which is caused due to positive ions in the hair that does not trap the water molecule. A combination of dry and wet hair causes hair to frizz and offers disorganized looks.  Also, there is a static charge in hair which is removed by negative ions that nullifies the charge thereby leaving every single hair strand independent of each other.

Tourmaline with ceramic – ceramic as mentioned earlier distributes heat evenly as compared to the metals or plastic based dryers. But even that is not enough. We all know that even for a single person, every hair strand is not of the same thickness. That is why it becomes all the more necessary to have even distribution of heat on the hair. Since it is not possible to deal with every hair strand individually, hair dryers were then manufactured by combining blow dryer with tourmaline treated elements that make the incoming heat gentler and extremely uniform when it is applied on hair.  This saves the hair strands from burning out, creating frizzy hair and also damaging the texture of the hair strand from smooth to rough.

Wattage– power of the motor in watts tells you about how fast the dryer is capable of generating heat and thus the speed at which the hair will get dried. Now this is something which depends on the requirements of the user. If you are ok with some time taken to dry your hair, you could use a model that is of lesser wattage. For personal usage, lower wattage could be used, but for commercial purposes like saloons or parlors, higher wattage is always preferred because they cannot spend too much time on one customer making others to wait.

Multiple heat and speed options– the way everyone does not have the same type of hair, even the heat or temperatures and speed of drying cannot be same for everyone. If you are selecting the hair dryer where it would be used by multiple users, then it is recommended to pick up a model that has multiple controls for temperature and speed levels. This would allow you to set up optimum temperatures and speed for every kind of hair. Again, higher are the numbers of controls, better would be the results. For personal usage, more or less two to three options could suffice, but for commercial usage, more than five or six options are ideal as they have to deal with a huge variety of customers.

Weight-   since the hair dryers are handheld devices, it would always be better if they are light in weight and comfortable to hold even when used for long times.  So select a device that would fit best in your hand and is light enough to deal conveniently with your frequency of usage.

Why do you need a best hair dryer for fine hair?

The basic use of hair dryers are to dry wet hair especially when you do not have time to allow it to dry naturally. The invention of hair dryer was done for this purpose only, but as and when technology and time progressed, the applications of hair dryer also widened. They are now also used for styling of hair post drying them with the dryer itself.

Form the basis for hair styles

Hair dryers are generally used to maintain the straightened look of hair or style your hair. If someone plans to apply some serum or hair paste for making some hair dryer for fine hairhair style, for these materials to stick properly to the hair, every single strand of the hair needs to be 100% dry, which you cannot achieve by using a towel, especially when you need it to be done immediately. Hair dryers’ saves you time and helps you dry your hair without any damage in just a few seconds.

Hair straightening

Blow hair dryers are also used for straightening of hair, as the speed and temperature sets your hair the way you want with the use of ideal combs. Hair straightening by blow dryers makes your hair look dense and bumpy unlike the hair obtained after permanent straightening or using the hair straightening machines.

With hair dryers, you need a sleek brush and then few strokes by the brush along with blowing air from the dryer and you are done with amazingly straightened and smooth strands of hair without any frizz or static charge in them.

Add volume

Often, long hair appears to be thin and weak as compared to short hair. But no more now, when you can use the hair dryers to pump in even long strand of hairs and that too in a few minutes. These hair dryers blow up your hair and straighten them up keeping every strand of hair separately lying giving it a dense and bumpy look.

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Types of hair dryer

There are mainly three types of hair dryers-Ceramic, Ionic and the tourmaline. Let us evaluate all of them.


Ceramic as we all know is made of clay and is a heat absorbing natural element. The inside of the dryers might either be made of ceramic or just be covered by a coating of ceramic layers. Ceramic absorbs heat and is naturally capable of shedding it out in a uniform and even way which is very crucial for hair drying. The ceramic element creates far infrared heat that penetrates the hair shaft which in turn retains the original moisture and texture of the hair.Types of hair dryer


  • Since ceramic heats evenly, heat dissipation is also even which protects all the hair strands from getting damaged or burnt.
  • They are also capable of generating some negative ions when heated up that contributes to the smoother hair texture


  • They are extremely costlier as compared to the metal or plastic based dryers
  • They cannot be used for extremely dry hair or too frizzy hair.


Ions are a particle that are either negatively charged or positively. The game of ion in hair dryers is that negative ions react with water droplets and break them into molecules that settle on the outer layers of the hair shaft protecting its texture.

best ironic hair dryer for fine hairPros

  • This natural process of breaking water molecule and settling on the hair shaft reduces tension on the surface of hair strand and leaves only shiny and smooth hair without any frizz.
  • Due to breaking up of water molecules, they reduce the speed of hair drying to a great extent
  • Such water molecule breakdown enhances the appearance and health of hair strands


  • They are costlier than even the ceramic ones
  • Ionic hair dryers are generally bigger in size as compared to other hair dryers.


As mentioned above, ionic dryers are efficient as negative ions are required to generate smoothness and shiny hair. Tourmaline is one such semi-precious mineral that naturally generates negative ions. But unlike ceramic based dryers, tourmaline is only used as coating or molds inside the dryers. They are never used as the sole heating element inside the dryer.tourmaline dryer for fine hair


  • They are capable of generating numerous negative ions which is of utmost importance when it comes to making hair shinier and smoother.
  • They could be included in any kind of ceramic or ionic hair dryers


  • They are costlier than the two other types of hand held hair dryers.

Benefits of using hair dryers

If you talk about the basic purpose of hair dryers, as to why they were developed, it was basically to save time in drying hair. Even though initially it was applicable as the name suggests only for hair drying, but gradually it was seen to be used for hair styling too. With advanced technologies coming along with numerous attachments, hair dryers have been seen to be applicable in making various creative hair styles. In parlors you could see hair stylist using blow dryers to set and style your hair.

benefits of hair dryer for fine hairAlong with this, you might have also heard about numerous negatives of using hair dryers like weakening of hair, discoloration and loss of texture etc. Well, yes these were the problems initially faced when the dryers were in its stage of development. In order to resolve these problems, technologies were applied to offer productive solutions to hair drying.

The most important factor that governs is the heat level as per the texture and thickness of the hair on which it is being used. That is why dryers with ceramic base were devised to deal with the variant heat dissipation and subsequent damage of hair.

Due to these technological advancements, today hair dryers offer beautiful, dense and shiny hair as ever, retaining the original moisture content and texture. Today’s dryers are well equipped to take care of the hair right from roots to the tip maintaining their original properties.

Along with managing the hair quality, they fit as the best device in today’s hectic, busy and swift lifestyle where time has become more important than money. In such scenarios, hair dryers are saving you so much time giving instant and efficient results.


Major concern with these hair dryers was its safety as the earlier devices were extremely dangerous. The moment they directly come in contact with the water droplets, they create a short circuit and cause electrocution. There have been several such incidents in the past that made people think and devise safety guidelines for them. As the technology evolution happened, the better safety techniques and insulation materials were developed. The air flow got better and better and the capacity of heat generation went on increasing to about 2000 watts today that has increased the speed of hair drying from minutes to a few seconds.

Maintenance of hair dryers

Do you remember when the last time you cleaned your dryers was? Cleaning hair dryers is as easy but important as is your filter of washing machine or AC. There are filters beneath your dryer vents where dust particles could be attracted and they can settle down forming a layer. This directly affects the motor of your dryer that generates excessive heat in order to pass through the layer formed of dust particles.  This is not just dangerous for the motor but also for your hair, as excess heat would surely damage your hair or burn it and also damage your motor permanently.

That is why it is extremely important to clean your dryers regularly. Truly, this is not a cumbersome task which would take hours to clean. Just a few minutes and you are done. You need to unplug the device and remove the vent below which the filter is placed. Use a soft and dry cloth to remove all the dirt and ensure that the device is not hot else you could hurt your hands or finger.  Once you are done, close the vent and that is it. Your cleaning is done.

Here cleaning is not a big issue, important is the frequency with which you clean your hair dryer. This frequency will determine the life of the dryer and the motor and the efficiency of its performance. Also, it will determine the life of your hair.


Hair dryers are evolutionary devices that have developed slowly over a long time since 1925 and kept improving the quality of its performance. Due to these improvisations, applications of hair dryers also increased manifold. In 21st century, females are ahead of men, when it comes to dealing with the corporate world.

Professionally, it is all about looking and reflecting smartly. Hand dryers offer you an easy and speedy solution to set your hair with creative styles suiting all the occasions on the daily basis and saves immense time.

People are adapting to higher and improvised versions of hair dryers which in turn signifies their interest levels in these dryers.